I am a Detroit-based freelance journalist covering climate, ecology, animals, and politics, and editor-at-large for Barn Raiser. I am the former associate editor of In These Times magazine, and my writing has appeared in Sierra, Boston Review, Truthout, The Trouble, Jacobin, Harbinger: A Journal of Social Ecology, The Next System Project, Earth Island Journal, and elsewhere. I am also host of the books podcast Storytelling Animals, which you can support on Patreon here.

I have a history of activism within left social movements, in particular those for climate justice and animal rights, and am a cofounder of the Democratic Socialists of America’s Animal Liberation Working Group.

Feel free to contact me at daytonrmartindale@gmail.com with any writing or editing opportunities. To keep up with my work, subscribe to my free newsletter or follow me on Twitter @daytonrmartind.

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