Further Reading on Veganism – Episode 40

Episode 40 of my podcast, Storytelling Animals, explores why I am a vegan and why I support animal liberation–listen on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Below I have compiled a list of resources that may be of interest on these topics.

Articles by me

  1. “The Strategic Case for Animal Liberation,” The Trouble
  2. “Toward a Real-Life Zootopia: How a fuller conception of freedom can help humans and others coexist,” In These Times
  3. “Why Socialists Should Care About Animal Liberation,” (zine co-written with the Democratic Socialists of America Animal Liberation Working Group)
  4. “The Social Ecological Case for Animal Liberation: Towards an Interspecies Communalism,” Harbinger: A Journal of Social Ecology
  5. “Animal liberation from below: toward a radical interspecies municipalism,” The Ecologist
  6. Listen, Omnivore! A Vegan’s Plea for Common Ground,” Rural America In These Times
  7. “A Socialist Case for Curbing Consumption To Stop Climate Change,” In These Times (not explicitly about veganism, but about why our individual consumption still matters even though it’s not the full story)

Other articles

  1. “The Basic Argument for Vegetarianism” by James Rachels (link will download a PDF)
  2. “On Ableism and Animals” by Sunaura Taylor
  3. Jacobin‘s Species Problem, Part One: Animal Subjects” by James Stanescu
  4. “On Vegetarianism” – 1901 essay from French anarchist Elisée Reclus
  5. “Animal Personhood in Mi’kmaq Perspective” by Margaret Robinson
  6. “Our Animals, Ourselves” by Sunaura Taylor and Astra Taylor


i) introductions to animal ethics

  1. Animal Liberation by Peter Singer (not linking because HarperCollins union is on strike–support the strike here – UPDATE 2/10: the union has reached a tentative agreement, subject to ratification by its members)
  2. Eating Animals by Jonathan Safron Foer
  3. Ethics and Animals: An Introduction by Lori Gruen (a bit more academic but useful)

ii) connecting human and nonhuman animal oppression

  1. Beasts of Burden: Disability and Animal Liberation by Sunaura Taylor
  2. The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory by Carol Adams
  3. Dangerous Crossings: Race, Species, and Nature in a Multicultural Age by Claire Jean Kim
  4. Aphro-ism: Essays on Pop Culture, Feminism, and Black Veganism from Two Sisters by Aph Ko and Syl Ko

iii) animal politics

  1. Zoopolis: A Political Theory of Animal Rights by Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka
  2. When Animals Speak: Towards a Multispecies Democracy by Eva Meijer
  3. Wild Souls: Freedom and Flourishing in the Nonhuman World by Emma Marris (past podcast guest and future book club book)
  4. Justice for Animals: Our Collective Responsibility by Martha C. Nussbaum (another past podcast guest)

iv) animal cognition and minds

  1. Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are? by Frans de Waal
  2. Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel by Carl Safina
  3. Tense Bees and Shell-Shocked Crabs: Are Animals Conscious? by Michael Tye (although the author rejects vegetarianism, this book made me consider bee minds and give up honey)
  4. Metazoa: Animal Minds and the Birth of Consciousness by Peter Godfrey-Smith

Some relevant episodes of Storytelling Animals

  1. “Emma Marris on How To Fix Our Relationships with Other Species”
  2. “Saving Animals, Saving Ourselves: Jeff Sebo on Pandemics, Climate Change, and Animal Rights”
  3. “lauren Ornelas on Food Justice, Farm Workers’ Rights, and Veganism”
  4. “Animal Crisis: A New Ethical Paradigm, with Alice Crary and Lori Gruen”
  5. “Animal Revolution: Ron Broglio on Sharing the Earth”
  6. “Justice for Animals: Martha C. Nussbaum on Law, Ethics, and Our Collective Responsibility”

More animal podcasts: iRoar: The Animals Podcasting Network

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